Updates from October 2017

Supporting the Digital Conversion – Chromebooks have been replacing Windows desktop and laptop computers in our district for over a year now. At this time, our Google console is reporting that we have 1371 Chromebooks. We are continuing to prepare our Internet connection and other network infrastructure to support the future’s Chromebook demands.

Back-to-school – See this graphic for a five-year breakdown of resolved tickets and resolution speed during the back-to-school rush:

Chart displaying breakdown of solved tickets by resolution speed

Internet Connection – Our 5 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) Internet connection is online and performing well. The increase from 200 megabits-per-second was very noticeable. It is amazing to think that VDOE is drafting strategies that may ask we increase this to 15 Gbps or more by 2020.

Network Infrastructure – Bowling Green Elementary’s network has joined the division’s 10 Gbps network, a significant upgrade from 1 Gbps.