Updates from May 2017

Another school year with no major outages or downtime!

Technology Services requests $99,000 annually for Capital Improvement funding to replace staff computer equipment. If funded, this would allow the division to operate a five-year replacement cycle. The department was issued $35,000 of the $99,000 by Dr. Parker with this year’s reversion funds. We surveyed staff interest in switching to Chromebook laptops instead of Windows laptops (any staff who might use a laptop daily, not just our Digital Conversion Champions). The $35,000 will be used to purchase 33 Samsung Chromebooks, 14 HP Chromebooks, 1 Acer Chromebook, 2 Lenovo Chromebooks, and 8 Dell Chromebooks.

Our Network Administrator will begin upgrading Bowling Green Elementary School’s network in June. The network today operates at 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) with wire connections to desktop computers operating at 100 Mbps. Mr. Singh’s upgrades will get BES caught up with the division, with a 10,000 Mbps network and wire connections operating at 1,000 Mbps.