Updates from May 2016

New network equipment at CHS/CMS/LCES/MES performed well during May’s online testing. There were no major network/IT related disruptions.

The Technology Services Department is excited to recognize the following teachers whose classroom websites were selected for their school’s Teacher Website of the Year award. These websites demonstrate excellent design, quality of content, and/or timeliness of updates. Winners were awarded Certificates of Recognition and gift bags of gourmet chocolates. The gift bags were donated to the division by a local business.

Update on Unspent Reversion Funds: $23,400 of $88,000 have been spent replacing inoperable and dated classroom technology. $72,717 of $79,531 have been spent on inoperable and dated teacher/admin computers/equipment. $30,022 of $29,597 have been spent on an identified capital improvement need for the FY17 CIP (phones/server/support for CHS/MES). 100% of these funds will be spent before June.

Our recent E-Rate application for FY2016/17 includes:

  • $65,615 request for network improvements at BES
  • $12,144 request for network improvements at CMS
  • The usual $92,200 Internet and $152,316 Wide Area Network (WAN) requests
  • The usual $97,970 telephone requests (of which we’re down to a 40% reimbursement rate, as the E-Rate program is phasing out voice services).

I have negotiated a change that will increase our $92,200 Internet request to $96,528, but will increase our connection speed from 200 Mbps to 5000 Mbps (a 25x increase!).