Updates from April 2016

30 desktop computers and monitors have been ordered and delivered for LCES testing. 54 desktop computers and monitors have been ordered and delivered for MES testing. We will have replaced 180 testing computers across the division in the 2015-2016 school year.

Update on VDOE’s School Security Equipment Program: The Honeywell electronic access system for CHS and MES has been purchased. All the hard work, such as the wiring and network equipment installation, needed for the security camera upgrade has been completed. The cameras we ordered on December 14, 2015 have been out of stock for months and a recent inquiry showed a new ETA of July/Aug 2016. We were given permission by the VDOE Division of Support Services to cancel the December 14 order and place a new order for a different (older) model camera. These cameras have already arrived and we will be nearing completion at CMS and BES soon.

Update on additional E-Rate funds for 2015-2016: The new network equipment was installed afterhours in March and early April. We are working through a punch list and should have completion before the end of April. Network speeds are increasing from 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps up to 10,000 Mbps and 40,000 Mbps. Increased speeds allow for better WiFi wireless networks in the future and Internet access in the future.

Update on Unspent Reversion Funds: $23,400 of $88,000 have been spent replacing inoperable and dated classroom technology. $0 of $79,531 have been spent on inoperable and dated teacher/admin computers/equipment. $30,022 of $29,597 have been spent on an identified capital improvement need for the FY17 CIP (phones/server/support for CHS/MES). 100% of these funds will be spent before June.